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I’m Derek, I started this to prove not only to myself, but to my kids and everyone else that we can all do things that seem impossible.  January 5, 2014 I hit my rock bottom in my journey with alcoholism and changed my life. Today I strive to be better than I was yesterday in every aspect. I want to be a better father, son, lover, friend and leader.  I started underground mining in 2005 and got my nickname “Taper” and it blew up. Everyone started calling me it and I liked it. I was 20yrs old and killing it in the mining industry, but I had this vision and I called it “Tapered Industries” it was my everything. I wanted t-shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers…
So I present to you, “Tapered Industries”!  I hope you join me and my family as we grow and we will enjoy watching you and yours grow!

Never stop moving!
Taper and Da boyz